“Jikiden” means directly handed down which allows us to experience Usui Reiki in its original and purest form from the original japanese lineage.This lineage goes from Mikao Usui sensei to Dr. Chujiro Hayashi to Mrs. Chiyoko Yamaguchi to her son Tadao Yamaguchi and from him and Sensei Frank Petter to us.


Jikiden is more treatment based and is very effective in healing physical as well as psychological disorders.The first part is the “Shoden” level.After this you progress to the second level called the “Okuden”.


Shoden course is for three days


Shoden Part 1


Background or History of reiki

Gokai-the five principles

Reiju or reiki attunement

Reiki Mawashi

Reiki practice


Shoden Part 2



Reiki Mawashi

Concept of Byosen

First Symbol

Ketsueki Kokan


Shoden Part 3



Reiki Mawashi

Reiki Okuri

Reiki Pracrise


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  1. Richa Suri says:

    Niharika has been a terrific healer. Not only has she been treating me with excellent results, but her energy, positivity and dedication in helping me
    get over my disease has been phenomenal. Every session is filled with boundless energy and positivity, which makes me feel healthier and peaceful,
    not to mention the confidence and belief that anything can be cured with the healing she gives.
    Thank you…for being a brilliant healer and an amazing person.

  2. Ashish Singh says:

    Its been great to meet a person like Niharika. I don’t know how universe act so that I am introduced to such wonderful person. I learnt reiki from her some months back, She has deep understanding, ability to share her knowledge and experience in very simpler way.
    Reiki treatment heal my psychology, emotions for which i have been under medication past 2 years. Her constant and unconditional help, guidance and support sail me through my bad time. Now I am person filled with positivity, enthusiasm and mental peace who is experiencing beauty of life.
    Thank you for introducing me such wonderful positive energy which fills every aspect of my life.

  3. Ashish Singh says:

    Reiki again amazes me….power of reiki again seen…My Nani is experiencing lot of health problems for which she’s been treatment for months. After this news was in my concise I asked Niharika mam for help, her distant treatment and guidance for me for the same…help her amazingly…when doctors give up….reiki gives us strength…For treatment about one month she regain her health…now out of life normally
    Thankyou Niharika mam, for ur help and support…u are truly wonderful person

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