Osho Zen Cards

For those who are wondering what this is, Osho Zen cards are based on the Osho and Zen’s philosophy.
In Osho’s words, it is the capacity not to worship Buddha’s but to become a Buddha, not to follow others but to develop the awareness within that brings a quality of light and love to all that we do.
Some say that the number of cards is based on the number of steps taken by the infant Siddhartha-later to become Gautama the Buddha-as soon as he was born.
When life seems to be full of doubt and uncertainty we tend to look for a source of inspiration: what will happen in the future? What about my health, the children? What will happen if I make this decision and not that one? This is how the traditional tarot is often used, to satisfy a longing to know about the past and future. This Osho Zen Tarot focuses instead on gaining an understanding of the here and now. It is a system based on the wisdom of Zen, a wisdom that says events in the outer world simply reflect in the outer world simply reflect our own thoughts and feelings, even though we ourselves might be unclear about what those thoughts and feelings are. So it helps us to turn our attention away from outside events so we can find a new clarity of understanding in our innermost hearts. The conditions and states of mind portrayed by the contemporary images on the cards are all shown as being essentially transitional and transformative.
Osho Zen Tarot is not a traditional tarot in the sense that you play with prediction rather it’s a transcendental game of Zen which mirrors the moment, unwavering present what is here, and now without judgement or comparison. This is more to do with sensitivity,intuition,compassion,receptivity,courage and individuality.
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