Reiki Classes

In Reiki classes, Delhi and South Delhi,I teach the western reiki.Its a pleasure to teach reiki.
The class consists of  the history of reiki,explanation and practise of the gokai,various meditations to strengthen your practice,different reiki techniques,reiki attunement  and self healing practice.
A special reiki attunement is given to the students after which they have access to this energy. A 21day self-healing reiki treatment is advised for the students after the attunement; this really helps their bodies to detoxify and gives them an experiential feeling of the energy.
Reiki Teaching gives me an internal bliss too!
After the 21day period, students can take the level 2 reiki attunement where they would be introduced to the reiki symbols.
Level3A of Reiki Healing is taken by more serious students who want to selfheal and to teach further.Level 3A attunement is given to students after 4-5 months of serious reiki hands on practice.
The last is the teacher’s degree Level 3B where one learns to initiate other students. This is for people who are more committed to help others.

Reiki Classes in South Delhi

1.Reiki Level1 a special attunement to attune you into Erik
2.Reiki Level2 after 21 days of practice-giving reiki treatments to self.
3.Reiki Level 3A-given after at least 6 months of reiki1 n 2 practice on self and others.
4.Reiki Level 3B-Teachers level-given after atleast a year of reiki treatments.

▪ All the Reiki Classes in India, Delhi are either taught in a group or individual classes.

  •  A specially attuned certificate is provided at the end of the class.

The most important thing concerning the development of a Reiki practice is the quality and strength of your intention. The best intention to have is the betterment of the other person, to serve others and to have compassion for all beings. This is what will make your reiki practise a success and make you a good Reiki practitioner automatically!

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