Jikiden Reiki

“Jikiden” means direct or directly handed down without alteration which allows us to experience Usui Reiki in its original form. Jikiden Reiki essentially focuses on treatment of illnesses both physical and psychological. Jikiden Reiki stands for original reiki teachings,which belongs to an authentic Japanese lineage.This lineage goes from Mikao Usui sensei to Dr. Chujiro Hayashi to Mrs. Chiyoko Yamaguchi to her son Tadao Yamaguchi and from him and Sensei Frank Petter to us.
“An-jin-Ryu-Mei” or ‘Complete Peace’ or bringing back to the original or natural state.Jikiden Reiki helps us in achieveing this simply and easily.

What you learn in Jikiden Reiki
1.The Gokai-the five principles of Reiki & importance of practicing it.
2.Concept of Byosen
3.Important symbol to breakdown toxins
4.How to give reiki and detailed explanation of how to monitor the healing.
5.Hatsurei Ho meditation and techniques to generate more energy.
6.Ketsueki Kokkan technique to improve blood circulation.
7.Talk on the Japanese cultural and spiritual roots of Reiki practice for deeper understanding of reiki.
8.Reiju or attunements which is the most integral part of Jikiden Reiki-the teacher aligns the students spirit to the Universe and hence to the reiki energy.

Jikiden Reiki & Western Reiki

Both Jikiden reiki and Western reiki take their roots from Usui sensei’s reiki.However,they are not exactly the same.The energy is the same but the approach is different.Western reiki has left some elements behind and added various new ideas or practices whereas Jikiden reiki is reiki in the purest form and is more treatment based.Though the differences in reiki techniques are not as important as attitude and it is very important that the original teachings of Hayashi sensei be passed on,not just in terms of technique but of the fundamental attitudes and intentions he maintained.

“Shoden”-Jikiden Level 1 Course Structure – 2 days
1.Background and history of reiki
3.Reiju(you receive three attunements)
4.Reiki mawashi
5.Cocept of Byosen
6.First symbol
7.Ketsueki Kokkan
8.Hatsurei Ho
9.Reiki practice
10.Special Manual certificate from Japan

“Okuden”-Jikiden Level 2 Course Structure – 2 days

1.Learn emotional healing used for habit treatment, healing addictions, deep rooted emotions.

2.Lear to send reiki effectively to anyone, anywhere in the world.

3.Receive Reiju(you receive two attunements)

4.Discussion on the spiritual aspects of reiki.

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